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Quality service & repair workshop for electric scooters

About our service:

We offer a wide range of repair and maintenance services for electric scooters. With our expertise and knowledge, we can help you keep your scooter running at its best. Visit us today to get your scooter back on the road.

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Our expert team has several years of experience in this industry. We will get you back on the move quickly and safely.

You can be sure that your electric scooter is in the best hands. 

We have plenty of satisfied customers, for whom we solved wide variety of problems, such as:
broken steering, misaligned brakes, wobbly steering, flat tires, scooter errors and beeping, repaired electronic issues, fixed the scooters when not switching on or off, replaced dead batteries, replaced broken fenders, not functioning electronic accelerators or brakes, installed solid tires and many more.

We fixed them all :)

scooter storage

We have dedicated reception for follow-up with clients. We also communicate in Whatsapp for your convenience.

We have wide selection of quality spare parts available, especially for Xiaomi (Mi) and Ninebot scooters. Mechanical parts, batteries, controllers, dashboards, accelerators and wiring - we have them all available.

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After a checkup or detailed diagnostics we tell you what is the cause, give you the repair cost and take your permission to proceed. We always give back your old parts. General maintenance is also available (cleaning, lubricating, adding the missing reflectors and rubber cable plugs, pumping the wheels to the proper pressure etc.) optionally. Like any other transport, the scooter needs service from time to time. 

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We have lots of various good tires - inflatable, solid, off-road, sleek for any scooter needs.

escooter tires

We specialize in these scooter models (but not limited to):

scooter models
scooter models
  • XIAOMI M365

For tire repairs, we do accept other scooter models too, such as:

Crony, Navee, Porodo, Sky Land, Lamborghini, Kugoo, Pro Mercedes, Eveons, Ducati, Alpha Romeo, Foston, Inokim. 

All are welcome!

Repair services we provide:

Electronic diagnostics of scooter                                             
Alignment of brake pads (remove frictions)               
New thread making                                       
Rubber pad for folding joint (installation + parts)      
Brake disc replacement & alignment w/brake pads     
Tyre/ solid tyre/ Inner tube replacement per wheel    
Installation of folding seat                                      
Replacement of rear fender / mudguard                   
Restore wire and connector battery->rear light         
Replacement of front fender                                   
Repair of battery connectors + add anti-vibration
cushion for battery                                                
Replacement of battery                                          
Replacement of headlight                                       
Replacement of mainboard & new thermal paste       
Replacement of display unit (dashboard)                  
Replacement of power throttle / brake lever / bell     
Replacement of folding latch & adjust the joint          
Replacement of the lock ring of the folding joint        
Soldering & insulation (per wire)                      
Broken screw extraction                                         
Application of big reflectors set                              
Application of bumper wire                                     
Replacement of broken folding latch
and many more, including installation of solid tires.                       



For e-scooter pickup & delivery details, please visit
Shipping & payment page.

For faster service, you can also bring your scooter to our workshop in Dubai, Al Quoz, near Onpassive metro station (see the Contacts page).

For more convenience, you can book pickup & delivery of your scooter from your home. Please whatsapp us to schedule the pickup time and date mentioning your full name, local mobile number and detailed address, including apt. or villa number.
* For any other repairs please
contact us.     

Call us Now 050 452 2358 or message in Whatsapp

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