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Professional Repair Shop for Electric Scooters in Dubai

Make your scooter great again! : )

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flat tire

Flat tire? No problem!
We can install:

  • New air tube

  • New air tire

  • Solid tires (airless)

We use only high-quality tires & thick tubes. Visit our shop and we will fix your tires on the spot, while you chill in a cafe downstairs :)

electronics repair

We fix:

  • Beeping errors

  • No power

  • Noisy motor

  • Not charging

  • Auto turning off

Original electronic parts available. We give warranty on our parts.

shiny scooter icon


  • Full foam cleaning

  • Lubricating

  • Tightening

  • Tire pumping

  • Brakes alignment

  • Valve caps

  • Cable plugs

  • Reflector stickers

  • Screws

Only for 50 AED

repair process

We repair any mechanical breaks such as broken forks, folding joints, steering, broken fenders, broken controls, kickstands, brake discs, bearings and many more...

Lots of replacement parts available for Xiaomi Pro and Ninebot ES escooters.


quickly icon

Quick tire change: bring your scooter to us and we will change it on the spot

location icon

Convenient location: walking distance from Onpassive metro station

Mechanician icon

Experienced team: Pro technicians with several years of experience

parts icon

Big stock for Xiaomi and Ninebot spare parts

Quality icon

Genuine or high-quality parts only. We also give warranty on parts we sell

delivery icon

Scooter pickup & delivery available

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