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Necessary vs Money-Wasting Scooter Accessories

scooter accessories: a scooter with Cushioned Seats

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Every vehicle has its own unique set of accessories that decorates it, even a scooter has its own set of scooter accessories that has accessories for almost each part.

However, just like any other vehicle accessories, scooter accessories are split into two categories according to its importance & function.

Keep reading so that you get to know more about scooters accessories, why they were made & their necessity in the decorating field.

What are Scooter Accessories by Definition?

Scooter accessories refer to additional items, attachments, or features that can be added to a scooter to enhance its functionality, aesthetics, comfort, or safety.

These accessories are designed to customise and personalise the scooter according to the rider's preferences and needs.

They can range from practical additions that improve the scooter's performance or storage capacity to decorative elements that enhance its appearance.

Common scooter accessories include items like helmets, lights, mirrors, phone mounts, baskets, fenders, locks, and more.

Essentially, scooter accessories are optional components that allow riders to tailor their scooters to better suit their individual requirements and style.

Scooter Parts According to Attaching Part & Function

The number of scooter accessories can vary, and it's constantly evolving as new products and innovations are introduced to the market.

However, I can provide you with a broad categorization of scooter accessories based on the parts they are typically attached to:

Handlebar Accessories:

  • Grips: Slide-on or screw-on grips can be easily installed by removing the old grips and sliding or securing the new ones in place.

  • Mirrors: Attach mirrors to the handlebar ends using screws or a clamp system.

  • Phone Mounts: Secure the mount onto the handlebar using a clamp or adjustable straps.

Lighting Accessories:

  • Front and Rear Lights: Mount lights on the handlebar, stem, or frame using adjustable brackets or straps. Rear lights may also attach to the seat post or fender.

  • LED Strips: Adhere strips to the scooter frame or handlebar using adhesive backing.

Safety Accessories:

  • Helmets: Helmets are worn by the rider and do not require installation on the scooter.

  • Knee and Elbow Pads: These accessories are worn by the rider and do not attach to the scooter.

Storage Accessories:

  • Baskets: Attach baskets to the handlebar or front fork using clamps or brackets.

  • Bags: Secure bags to the scooter frame or handlebar with straps or buckles.

  • Cargo Nets: Stretch cargo nets over the scooter's deck or frame to secure items.

Performance Accessories:

  • Upgraded Batteries: Replace the existing battery with the upgraded version by following the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Suspension Systems: Replace or install suspension components according to the scooter's design. This may involve attaching to the fork or frame.

Protection Accessories:

  • Fenders/Mudguards: Attach fenders to the scooter frame or fork using screws or clamps.

  • Kickstands: Mount kickstands to the scooter frame near the rear wheel using bolts or screws.

  • Frame Protectors: Adhere protective films or pads to the scooter frame using adhesive backing.

Security Accessories:

  • Locks and Chains: Secure locks and chains to the scooter frame or wheel, deterring theft.

  • Alarms: Attach alarms to the scooter frame or handlebar using straps or brackets.

  • GPS Trackers: Secure GPS trackers to the scooter frame using adhesive or mounting brackets.

Comfort Accessories:

  • Cushioned Seats: Replace the existing seat or add a cushion to enhance comfort.

  • Handlebar Grips with Extra Padding: Slide-on or screw-on grips with extra padding can be installed in place of standard grips.

Maintenance Accessories:

  • Tire Repair Kits: Carry these kits in a bag or attach them to the scooter frame using straps.

  • Lubricants: Apply lubricants to the scooter's moving parts as needed.

Decorative Accessories:

  • Decals and Stickers: Apply decals and stickers to the scooter frame or components.

  • Custom Paint Jobs: Paint the scooter frame or specific parts according to personal preferences.

  • Colored Handlebar Grips: Replace standard grips with coloured ones using a slide-on or screw-on method.


Scooter Accessories Sorted by their Importance

The necessity & importance can also vary as it is based on perspectives, and these perspectives are based on the type of scooters, their missings & main parts to be:

Safety Accessories:

  • Helmets: Essential for rider safety, protecting the head in case of accidents or falls.

  • Knee and Elbow Pads: Provide additional protection for joints, especially important for new or less experienced riders.

  • Lights (Front and Rear): Crucial for visibility, enhancing safety during low-light conditions or nighttime riding.

Reasoning: Safety is paramount, and these accessories directly contribute to preventing injuries and ensuring the rider's well-being.

Security Accessories:

  • Locks and Chains: Deter theft and secure the scooter when not in use.

  • Alarms: Provide an audible alert in case of unauthorised tampering or movement.

  • GPS Trackers: Aid in tracking and recovering a stolen scooter.

Reasoning: Protecting the scooter from theft is a significant concern, making security accessories important for safeguarding the investment.

Maintenance Accessories:

  • Tire Repair Kits: Essential for on-the-go repairs, ensuring the scooter remains operational.

  • Lubricants: Contribute to the longevity and smooth operation of moving parts.

Reasoning: Regular maintenance enhances the scooter's reliability and performance, preventing unexpected issues.

Handlebar Accessories:

  • Grips: Contribute to rider comfort and control.

  • Mirrors: Improve situational awareness, aiding in safe navigation.

  • Phone Mounts: Facilitate hands-free navigation and communication.

Reasoning: Handlebar accessories enhance the rider's comfort, control, and ability to navigate effectively.

Protection Accessories:

  • Fenders/Mudguards: Protect the rider from splashes and debris, enhancing comfort.Kickstands: Prevent damage to the scooter when parked.

  • Frame Protectors: Guard against scratches and dings.

Reasoning: These accessories contribute to preserving the scooter's condition and ensuring a comfortable riding experience.

Storage Accessories:

  • Baskets: Add practical storage for transporting items.

  • Bags: Provide secure storage for personal belongings.

  • Cargo Nets: Securely hold items on the scooter.

Reasoning: Storage accessories contribute to the practicality of the scooter, especially for those using it for commuting or errands.

Performance Accessories:

  • Upgraded Batteries: Extend the scooter's range and overall performance.

  • Suspension Systems: Enhance ride comfort and stability, especially on uneven surfaces.

Reasoning: Performance accessories contribute to an improved riding experience, offering better range and comfort.

Comfort Accessories:

  • Cushioned Seats: Enhance rider comfort during longer journeys.

  • Handlebar Grips with Extra Padding: Provide additional comfort and reduce hand fatigue.

Reasoning: Comfort accessories contribute to a more enjoyable and sustainable riding experience.

Decorative Accessories:

  • Decals and Stickers: Allow personalization and expression of individual style.

  • Custom Paint Jobs: Add a unique aesthetic touch.

  • Colored Handlebar Grips: Enhance the scooter's visual appeal.

Reasoning: While not essential for functionality, decorative accessories allow riders to personalise their scooters and express their style.

Lighting Accessories:

  • LED Strips: Add a decorative lighting element.

  • Reflective Stickers: Enhance visibility for increased safety.

Reasoning: Lighting accessories serve both aesthetic and safety purposes, making them valuable but less critical than essential safety lighting.

Money-Wasting Scooter Accessories

While personal preferences play a significant role in determining the value of accessories, some accessories may be considered unnecessary or potentially money-wasting by certain riders. Here's a list of accessories that might fall into this category:

Custom Paint Jobs:

Reasoning: While aesthetically pleasing, custom paint jobs are purely cosmetic and don't contribute to the scooter's functionality. Riders may find them unnecessary if prioritising performance and practicality.

Colored Handlebar Grips:

Reasoning: While they can add a touch of personalization, coloured handlebar grips are primarily decorative and don't enhance performance or comfort significantly.

LED Strips:

Reasoning: LED strips can be visually appealing, but their contribution is primarily aesthetic. Some riders may consider them unnecessary if they prefer a simpler, less flashy look.

Reflective Stickers:

Reasoning: While reflective stickers contribute to safety, some riders might consider them redundant if their scooter already has built-in front and rear lights. They may be seen as an extra, less impactful safety feature.

Decals and Stickers:

Reasoning: Similar to custom paint jobs, decals and stickers are purely decorative and don't offer any functional benefits. Riders focused on practicality might skip these accessories.

Cargo Nets:

Reasoning: While useful for securing items during rides, some riders may find cargo nets unnecessary if they rarely carry belongings on their scooters. In such cases, alternative storage solutions may be more practical.


Reasoning: Kickstands can be essential for parking, but some riders may consider them unnecessary if they often have access to designated parking areas or prefer to use wall-mounted holders.

Frame Protectors:

Reasoning: While they can prevent scratches and dings, frame protectors may be considered unnecessary by riders who prioritise the scooter's functionality over cosmetic imperfections.

GPS Trackers:

Reasoning: GPS trackers can be valuable for security, but riders in low-risk areas or those with comprehensive insurance coverage may find them unnecessary and potentially costly.

Phone Mounts:

Reasoning: While convenient for navigation, riders who prefer not to use their phones while riding or those with built-in scooter displays may find phone mounts unnecessary.


In conclusion, every vehicle, no matter how compact, boasts its distinctive array of accessories, and the humble scooter is no exception.

From handlebar to wheels, there exists a diverse selection of scooter accessories, each designed to enhance specific aspects of the rider's experience.

Similar to accessories for larger vehicles, scooter accessories can be categorised based on their significance and function.


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